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Australian music legend gives the thumbs up

"I've seen lots of tribute/concept bands over the years, many of today's are particularly good.  

Last night I saw 'Dancing In The Shadows of Motown'. I'm still watching the videos on my phone & I'm still convinced this is the best of these shows I've ever seen including ones in the USA. Congrats to all ten artists on stage, just compellingly great.

The voices of Kimi Tupaea, Evelyn Duprai, Francesca Appolis & Pat Powell were to coin a phrase, supreme. Ditto Matt Robert's voice & exceptional guitar work. Craig Bodinnar had all the bass parts 100%, powering on with a split bleeding finger! Andy Byrnes nailed the drums, he has the groove. Wes Harder on keys, so soulful, he has the touch, the two horn players were just on it, electric.

The kicker is the audience goes ballistic, I can't recall seeing that sort of reaction outside of a couple of our heritage rock acts, just mad, it's a joy to behold. Go see this band if you want an instant uplift, cheers, PC."

Paul Christie

Mondo Rock Bass Player

Founder of The Party Boys

The Canberra Blues Society are impressed


Dancing in the Shadows of MOTOWN were a huge hit at the Thredbo Blues Festival in January and played to a full house at the Opera House & now they're coming to play for us in Canberra on Friday 15 November! 

I guarantee you'll be up dancing. World class show 💖 Get your tickets now!!!


Kerry Sattler

Canberra Blues Society

Sold Out Show At Sydney Opera House


'From my perspective the show at the Sydney Opera House in August was simply one of the best shows I have ever seen.


This is a world class act and the quality of performance from every single member was outstanding.


So good, that the audience got up from their seats and danced right from the start of the music. 


Everyone was 100% engaged with all the classic Motown Hits and I will definately go to see that show again!!!. 


Fantastic, and thank you.'


State Field Sales Manager, NSW 

Daily Telegraph

DITSOM wowed the crowd at the Thredbo Blues Festival in January 2019


"All three sets of 'Dancing in the Shadows of Motown' were received with exceptional enthusiasm at this year’s Thredbo Blues Festival. The players and singers were outstanding musically and were obviously enjoying the music and the audience participation and response immensely. In fact in my twenty five years of involvement with the festival I have never seen so many joyful dancers - especially at the Poolside venue - people could not stay in their seats - wonderful!

Best wishes Stewart"


Stewart Wauchop - Musical Director  

Thredbo Blues Festival


The band is now booked next January 2020 as a "Headline Act" at the festival.

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